In 1927, the founders of Volvo Cars stated that “Cars are driven by people; the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo therefore is, and must remain, safety.” This commitment has been the core mission of every Volvo engineer, designer and technician ever since.

Cars play a big role in many people’s lives. Memories are woven around traveling with your loved ones, family and friends. Cars offer freedom when driving on open roads on the way to a favorite destination. However, today’s daily commute is too often broken and we find ourselves trapped in heavy congestion — and frustration.

With our Vision 2020, presented in 2007, we reaffirmed our founder’s mission, stating “By 2020, no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo Car.” This vision continues to guide us, and autonomous driving is a key part of a modern car’s capabilities to make roads safer. As a result we are one of the first carmakers in the world to accept full liability when our cars are in autonomous mode. But it’s not only about liability — it’s also about your convenience, as autonomous driving can give back a little time for the driver to do other things, when safe to do so.

In 2017, our DriveMe project will make 100 autonomous cars available to consumers in Gothenburg, Sweden for use in everyday driving conditions. As we advance towards this milestone there are many decisions still to make about the future of driving.

Today, we would like to hear your thoughts about the future and how you see autonomous driving as a possible new part of your life. Your answers in this debate will influence central strategy of Volvo’s autonomous driving program. We’re excited to hear what you think.

Håkan Samuelsson, CEO and President, Volvo Car corporation

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